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Every Light in the house is on…

Some of you country music fans may recall the song by Trace Adkins, but what does it have to do with survivalists and prepping? Everything. Now lets put this into perspective. The Grid just went down (Maybe from an EMP, Solar Flare, or maybe “somebody” just flicked the switch) or perhaps we just had a major economic collapse and nobody at any power company showed up for work today. So the SHTF as we say.

Fortunately, you decided to bug in at your home, with your family. It is also very fortunate that you are a Survivalist/Prepper. A couple years back you installed a propane generator, a 1000 gallon propane tank, that was just filled the week before. You also cashed out most of your 401(k), and took the tax penalty to purchase that awesome solar panel system with Lithium batteries that you always wanted. So what is the big deal than you and your family are prepared and ready for anything.

The big problem is that even thou you may live in a fairly rural area and are prepared your neighbors did not. Every house on your street is dark. Every house in your neighborhood is dark. Every house in your nice and small rural town is dark.

BUT…..Your house is lit up like a Christmas tree in the middle of July! What does that make you? The biggest target on your street. The biggest target in your neighborhood. The BIGGEST target in your nice and small rural town.

So today we are going to talk about Light Security. In future articles we will discuss Noise Security, Smoke from fires and cooking, smells, etc. Light Security is very important Post SHTF. You wouldn’t want the noise from your propane generator (as long as you have fuel) be heard by your neighbors or anyone else for that matter. So why would you want the lights from your house (if your bugging in) or the lights from your BOL (Bug-Out Location) be seen by anyone either? Light if available has to be contained. Windows must be blocked, door sills must be “sealed” and its use must be contained and even rationed as much as possible. There is no reason to announce your presence with the use of light when everything else is dark.

Just another thing to think about in this crazy never ending learning process of survivalism and prepping.

What have you done today to get ready for SHTF?



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