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  • #PrepperIntel
    QRPPrepper is now launching a PrepperIntel Division.We are always looking for PrepperIntel from our members, friends and contributors. We are especially looking for PrepperIntel Reports from our Trucker buddies. The purpose is to harness American truckers (and other professional drivers) as PrepperIntel eyes and ears on the nation’s roadways. This nation is facing dangerous times… Read more: #PrepperIntel
  • Every Light in the house is on…
    Some of you country music fans may recall the song by Trace Adkins, but what does it have to do with survivalists and prepping? Everything. Now lets put this into perspective. The Grid just went down (Maybe from an EMP, Solar Flare, or maybe “somebody” just flicked the switch) or perhaps we just had a… Read more: Every Light in the house is on…
  • QRPPrepper Blog Intro!
    Welcome Tribe! This is first official blog post. While our site is new, we are not new to the internet or prepping world. Our last site, was over 18 years old and had visitors from over 60 countries in the world. Some of our blog pots had over 1,000,000 page views! So we are… Read more: QRPPrepper Blog Intro!