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QRPPrepper is now launching a PrepperIntel Division.We are always looking for PrepperIntel from our members, friends and contributors. We are especially looking for PrepperIntel Reports from our Trucker buddies.

The purpose is to harness American truckers (and other professional drivers) as PrepperIntel eyes and ears on the nation’s roadways. This nation is facing dangerous times ahead, and we need the great truckers who drive our roads to help us collect and disseminate information and intelligence on what is happening. So we can prepare this information and present it on to our tribe of members and readers, in our new PrepperIntel section.

QRPPrepper is looking for all current truck drivers, hot shot drivers, delivery drivers, bus and limo drivers and anyone else with a CDL, as well as full-time, or long distance RVers. If you are on the road, we want you in our PrepperIntel Division.

PrepperIntel is not conspiracy theories, We are looking for actual information which you have seen for yourself.

So anyone with any PrepperIntel or if anyone would like to sign up, Please use the contact form:

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